Interior Battleship Tours

Come aboard the Battleship Wisconsin!

Explore the depths of the Navy’s Last Battleship! Take your own adventure on a self-guided tour or journey through the Wisconsin’s history on a guided tour.

Tours-2Self Guided Tour

All guest come aboard the Battleship Wisconsin from the second floor of Nauticus. We recommend guest move forward to the bow of the ship and then investigate the entire main deck moving around the ship in a counterclockwise direction. Along the way, there are several ladder-wells (Navy Stairs) that invite you to ascend the exterior of the ship all the way up to the 03 level. There is also an entrance into the ships interior.  The BattleshipWisconsin is a city at sea. The main deck interior brings you into the Officers Wardroom (City Government), senior officers staterooms and aft to the Message Processing Center (Phone Company). From here you can move down the ladder-wells onto the second deck. The second deck has many of the offices and businesses found in your home town. While below, check out the Public Affairs Office (News & Public Information), the Legal Affairs Office (Law Firm), Dispersing Office (Banking & Pay-Roll), Chapel (Churches), Dental (Health Care) , US Post Office (Morale Boost), Ships Store (Convenience Shop), Main Galley and Mess Deck (Large Buffet Restaurant) There are four restaurants on the Wisconsin, Bakery and Donut Shop, Master-at-Arms Office (Sheriff), Marine Detachment areas (Security), Garbage and Waste disposal areas (City Dump), Supply Office (Warehouse Control), Weapons Office (Gun Shop), Machine and Valve Shops (Repair Garages’) and lots of Sailors’ racks and berthing areas (Hotels).

Tours-3Battleship Wisconsin Guided Command & Control Tour

11 a.m., 1 p.m.  & 3 p.m., Ages 8 and up.

Explore previously sealed off areas of the Battleship during this fascinating guided tour. Includes the Captain's cabin, Admiral's cabin, Combat Engagement Center, Flag Bridge, navigation Bridge and Quartermaster's space. This 90 minute tour involves climbing up to 4 decks and entering small spaces. Participants must be physically fit and wear comfortable walking shoes.

* Guided tours require the purchase of a Gold Ticket. Click here for details on admissions rates.